Nur Isnaini Masyithoh or her official call-name, Isna, is a life-time learner, caring and thoughtful in nature. Her faith, commitment, and natural curiosity all embody who she is, and will always drive her in pursuing her dreams and creating a harmonious life.

She is a harmonious soul in pursuit of purpose, meaning, and harmony. She loves seeking as well as sharing knowledge and hikmah. She aspires to create harmony within life; and hopefully, the afterlife.

She loves writing and traveling. She keeps some galleries to store anything she would love to write down. Enjoy her writing on her old galleries (some are just random thoughts that she shares): antologiharmoni.tumblr.com

She is a writer, teacher, and sustainability reporting specialist currently residing in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her interests range from education, literature, to sustainability.

She initiated a literacy movement named Literacy Outreach Initiative @LoveProjectID. She creates Antologi Harmoni @antologiharmoni as her creative writing means.

She is an INFP type of person which is known as a rare and unique personality according to Jung’s and Myers’. Some of her personal motivational words that she keeps in living a day-by-day :

“Be with Allah all the way and Allah will be with you along the way.”

“I never do things right, I never feel alright, still I’ll try to fight.”

“I am walking on a road of time, blown by a freezing breezing, here I am searching for a ride of bliss.”

“There is always goodness in every goodness.”


Here are just few ways if you would like to connect with her:

Facebook: Nur Isnaini Masyithoh

Email: nurisnainimasyithoh@gmail.com

Linkedin: Nur Isnaini Masyithoh

Instagram: @nurismanajma

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Assalamu’alaikum… ada yang baru nih… semoga istiqomah disini 😀

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