“The falling leaves, drift by the window. The autumn leaves of red and gold.”

Welcoming October. Sweet autumn, seems to be. Somewhere out there.

How is life going with you? I hope yours is well. It has been ages ever since the last time I wrote on this board. It has been full of surprises, good and bad, altogether. Alhamdulillah.

I am telling you a big big news that within these past months, I have turned into an auntie of a little baby namely Hanan Ali El Hurriyah. He was born on the independence day, that is why my sister and my bro-in-law gave him a last name of El Hurriyah. Besides, I got some surprises on marking my wishlist with a checklist one-by-one during these past months. There were some receiving and releasing of chances. There comes hello’s and “good”bye’s. And oh finally after all this time, I am happy that I am currently finishing an anthology of poetry and prose I wrote in this last decade since I was back in school. Bismillah, may it be a blessing. Hope to have an update on this here.

Dear October, thank you. If there ever be a last word I could ever have to say. Dearest universe, thank you. Thank you for all the good, the bad, the best, and the worst that makes me who I am. Will you help me stand still? Will you show me the way and hold me along the way?

Have a dear October to you, wherever you are.

Under the October’s sky,

A happy little life wanderer.