By and by, December comes by.

It has been two weeks in the capital city. What have I learnt? It’s been quite a long time without blogging. And I’m kind of having a writer’s block. I have no idea how time has taken me this far, so far away from my own imagination. Time is just too priceless to pour down all things happened. I don’t think that I would have got enough space to share all things yet I would just share my thoughts as little as I could. We never know where the best destiny really is, but we have what He has given us, to think, sense, and discover, right? Isn’t that what life all about? A journey of discovery.

I learnt invaluable things. Let me jot down quickly. First of all, it is the spirit of samurai. Yes, I learnt a little by little the values of a samurai. To strive to survive and to work hard and never give up. To be a hero. To be someone precious for everyone’s goodness. Sounds utopia huh? But no, it is real. In the midst of the traffic jam,  the strange of the crowds, the quietness of the corner where one could contemplate in one of the skyscrapers, there is always a place to reflect. Perhaps it is only a virtual place, perhaps it is somewhere in your heart that you can find truth and what drives you to live in your life. Second of all, it is to come see and find solution. Yes, it is in line with my life mission, to discover and to learn all the way. Third of all, it is a team power. It is interesting to learn the work life balance of the people where professionalism and family bond is so unbreakable :”

On my first day, I found a sticky note on my laptop which says “Those who use this laptop will get lots of luck and success”. Aamiin. Such a mood booster to restart life. People are very welcome yet during the closing time, it is so hard to ask questions that everyone has deadline. But, I learnt that it is not that they are ignorant but it is just that they have to finish closing. They are mostly curious about my age (oh why) and personal stuff which for me it feels intimidating to be investigated as a newbie lol.

A day in the life of a newbie. Walking thru the city walks, enjoying the morning dew (is there any though?), and pursuing harmonious life through the crowds and silence of the long roads. I am used to spend an hour riding motorbike from home. But now, it takes an hour in the busway. I think it is better because there is time to enjoy the way and read something in the busway. An hour is more than enough to read al-ma’tsurat. It is better off reading rather than falling asleep or playing the gadget or missing the destination.

Few days ago, it was my first time to go to Merak Harbor, Banten. The place is surrounded by industrial factories. I went to one of the company that manages to store any shipment goods. It reminds me on Physics principles about gravity, tank’s calculation, mass, density, pressures, the measurements stuff, etc. And wow I miss Physics formula. It is also interersting to learn that there could be fraud during shipment stage until goods reach the customer. Thus, good control is paramount in every corner of the business cycle.

Yesterday, I had a nostalgic trip passing thru a place where four years ago I would almost have studied there.  I was driven to study there because I passed the  test and got offered a full scholarship to choose whatever major I wanted. I have no idea why after all the efforts my mom still doubted on that place. Indeed, scholarship is a big motivation of my long life study. However, finally, my parents would love me to just stay and study in Jogja and yet, I am still thankful for their prayer that finally I landed in Jogja. By then, I would open any opportunities regardless of prejudice. Anyway, this nostalgic place is in Cikarang Jababeka an industrial zone. I had to study some issues regarding supply chain problems such as quantity difference (shortage and overflow), loading and unloading issues, etc. in one of the customer of a chemical trading company. I am in the mood to prepare my case study presentation next week. Yet, it is complicated to deliver a product from the manufacturer to the customer. From the shipment arrangement until the delivery to customer, it needs a good control. Hey, how a long a way to go.

I will share later when I am in the mood, probably. I am counting the days. Please wish me luck.