Life has been treating me well. At least, that now I had a little sore throat meanwhile my dad has got a really bad cough. I hope it won’t get worse.

We had a little birthday for a little girl born in Riau, Wulan. She has just moved by herself. Well, she needs some adjustment. But, she is brave enough. However, if I were the parents I would not let her be miles away home at this early age, 7 years old.

Anyway, thanks to annual reports for being good friends. I think my supervisor is right. This research would make your eyes become literally “jereng”. No, please don’t. Myopia has hurt these eyes so much. No more please.

I live with letters and numbers. But, I can’t live without pictures and sounds.

Here is a little stuff I do after all this exhausting report analysis.
Some of the voice are the sore throat version and all had failed ending..
Anyway, it is still worth mind refreshing.

Simfoni Raya Indonesia-Acapella
My Way-Frank Sinatra

Have a good life.