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There was once a bud of flower
No one really knows what the flower would turn into
Would it be blue, yellow, red, or white
Could it be like the roses, orchids, or lilies
Even the flower itself never knows
It just blooms and grows
to welcome spring that comes–by and by
Hey you,
always know that you are a bud of flower–blooming inside of yourself 🙂

The purple orchids across my room has bloomed for few days. I keep looking across the window. Purple. So humble. But, it is too dark to take a picture right now. Remind me to take it in the morning.

I found a beautiful picture of the cherry blossom in my tumblr home. It is spring in Al-Quds, Palestine.
Source: Islamicthinking.tumblr.com


Mangunan, Imogiri

Do you see the skies up there? Untouchable, yes. Yet, challenging enough.

“As for he who gives and fears Allah and believes in the best reward, We will ease them toward ease.”(Al-Lail)

“And He found you lost and guided you…” (Ad-Dhuha)

“And within every hardship there is relief…” (Al-Inshirah)

Bahwa sesungguhnya usaha manusia beraneka ragam. Dan apakah Allah akan memberikan apa-apa yang diinginkan manusia? Sesungguhnya Dialah sebaik-sebaik perencana. (Disarikan dari An-Najm)

Life in the campus through the looking glasses--by Guratri Jinggasari

Life in the campus through the looking glasses

Photo: Guratri Jinggasari

We all have fears. We all have doubts. And sometimes we get caught in the middle without heads up in the clouds…
This time on the up is no guarantee. In God we place our trust.
And it’s ok to dream and it’s ok to have hope…
You gotta fight for you dreams, only you can make you release your future. You gotta fight for your dream, turn it to reality. It’s your life. This time I’m gonna use my head and use my mind and makes the difference.
This time I’m gonna use my head and use my mind with this trial.

(Dream by Saif Adam)

 Hey you, keep going. Keep believing–trusting in The Most Trusted One. Keep moving forward!