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Life seems like a wide ocean
that you have to look beyond
single thing to understand

Life is that wild sea
over the wild waves
the tides that call
the tides that fall
asleep, the tides
keep dreaming of
every eye,
every heart,
to see its deepest side
as if,
the deepest way of life

Look, those little fishes
one you may give a name, Nemo
as this little fellow’s trying to strive for life
across the wide wild world in the water
looking for the truth of life

At the end
little Nemo learns
no difference between friends or foe
when all you know is how to satisfy
the hunger of the greeds
then, go ahead, little fish
change yourself into a loan shark
eat your own fellow
all but for the sake of your own

Are human beings the wild shark
and shall we kill each other
or shall we fill each other
may the questions remain still
in this wilderness of life

August, 2013 initially written in SEF Menyapa to fulfill the back cover of The Third Edition “Islamic Microfinance and The Loan Shark”

Nurisma Najma