Dear October: Thank You

“The falling leaves, drift by the window. The autumn leaves of red and gold.”

Welcoming October. Sweet autumn, seems to be. Somewhere out there.

How is life going with you? I hope yours is well. It has been ages ever since the last time I wrote on this board. It has been full of surprises, good and bad, altogether. Alhamdulillah.

I am telling you a big big news that within these past months, I have turned into an auntie of a little baby namely Hanan Ali El Hurriyah. He was born on the independence day, that is why my sister and my bro-in-law gave him a last name of El Hurriyah. Besides, I got some surprises on marking my wishlist with a checklist one-by-one during these past months. There were some receiving and releasing of chances. There comes hello’s and “good”bye’s. And oh finally after all this time, I am happy that I am currently finishing an anthology of poetry and prose I wrote in this last decade since I was back in school. Bismillah, may it be a blessing. Hope to have an update on this here.

Dear October, thank you. If there ever be a last word I could ever have to say. Dearest universe, thank you. Thank you for all the good, the bad, the best, and the worst that makes me who I am. Will you help me stand still? Will you show me the way and hold me along the way?

Have a dear October to you, wherever you are.

Under the October’s sky,

A happy little life wanderer.


Dear a wandering soul…

Dear a wandering soul,

I am missing the soul that wanders and seeks lessons. I am missing pouring down every detail of perspective, thoughts, feelings, and random phrases–for that I give the wandering soul a me-moment.  Don’t you miss reading those or just enjoying the moment and every piece of thought?

Keep believing, my dear soul.

My Way

And now the end is near. And so I face a final curtain. My friend, I’ll say it clear. I’ll state my case of which I’m certain.

I’ve leaved a life that’s full. I’ve traveled each and every high way. And more, much more than this. I did it my way.

Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew. When I bit off more than I could chew. But, through it all, I ate it up and spit it out. I faced it all and I stood tall, and did it my way.

(My Way, by Frank Sinatra)

Dear readers,

It’s been a long while since the last time I wrote a blog post. I surely miss doing this. But, to tell you the truth, I have been too exhausted just to post. It is like the moment you have too much and then, you just dont know what to say. Even so, I feel so grateful to finally get a time (such a runaway from my life routine) to set back and reflect. Things have gone unexpectedly well with so much ups and downs. The environment where I currently work becomes nicer though still a tough life. It is kind of an intersection of the academic and private life since PP partnership is such complicated world. It is good when the people have the same frequency and goals. Most of the time, conflicts of interest occur. Perhaps we get used to all the inconveniences, as time goes by. That way, we naturally have the ability to adapt though it depends on the person for how long each will be.

Some funny things, sweet gifts, and inspirations from those bapak-bapak have been such surprises lately. More importantly, I have been in the edge of a long way. Perhaps, it is time to leave. But, things themselves require me to stay. I remember that the saying goes, never stay in a calm water. Dive in the most dangerous, wide, wild, stormy, and ridiculous waves.

Last week, I finally had a chance to share with the kids and all volunteers across the archipelago about my life mission. It was totally healing and curing in this imbalanced working life to see the smiles and sincere hearts of the kids. It was such a deep relief to hear their laughter and the calling “Ibu Isna”. Indeed, I have been called with a name “ibuk” by the whole class and even my own teacher since I was in primary school, isn’t it sweet?

“Apa untungnya buat kalian melakukan ini?”  Nggak capek ya? Bukannya udah sibuk?” “What is the benefit for you by doing this? Dont you feel tired? Arent you busy?” Ibu Kepsek bertanya, teman dan kolega bertanya, Bapak Ibu bertanya. 

I feel good by doing this. I feel I have a value within myself. I love doing this, sharing and finding inspiration within. And I find happiness. I hope, others, too.

Now, it feels like I know what I want in life. Though it seems so far away from the world I am in at the time, I believe in my way. So, where are you going?




The Beauty out of The Dirts

At Letters From Earth, Andrew Evans celebrates the wonders of farming and crafting clay pots — two occupations based on making something out of dirt with honest labor.

via Old Dirt: Making Something Out of Nothing — Longreads

I found this beautiful writing. Read the full version story. Do yo know why I love this blog post? Because I miss Pottery–playing with clay and the wheels to turn something into an artsy artistic ceramics.

Think and Thank

Dear 2017,

What kind of surprises could the year be?

I once asked my self. What do I really want in life? Until I finally reached a pointless point where I felt like I have been lost too much. Yet, I feel Allah is too generous to me. When I really didnt know where to go, he just opened a door. He showed me the way I never expected too risky sometimes and lonely to be honest. But, that way I could reflect more, learn things I have never thought I would, from the “most dirty” until then I dont know yet. I enjoy freelancing, and doing such things. But, there are moments that people you love expect you more. But, do you love yourself more? Or perhaps, there is always a gap between self perception and the glass-ceiling metaphor.

One day, Pak Andi told me about decision. Do things, prove what you can do to yourownself not to me nor to others. At some other times, he told me, “Sometimes we dont have to comprehend the whole things when they are beyond our capacity and dont take things personally, which are true to me.”

But, have you ever quit from doing things? Why would you give up? Could you help me?

Some other time, Pak Andi, again, told me. He once quit from his job because he chose to. He chose to reach what he believes is the best for him. But, I should not give up on myself and my own belief and my own dream, shouldnt I?

So, how would you decide which way is the best way? What makes you stay and what makes you leave? What makes you strive for and what makes you give up? Could you help me?

I only wish the year that has been passed already, was the best year I could make to my own self, to the Creator, and every beloved one. And I wish that the upcoming one would draw me closer to The Creator as a person to be the best I can be, to do the best I can give, and to find a way. Bismillah.


Independent Woman

“I was told I was dangerous. I asked why, and their response was, “because you don’t depend on anyone.” And I smiled.” ~Unknown Sebagian orang bilang… “Perempuan itu kalau sudah biasa mandiri, bahaya.. Bisa lupa diri akan kedudukannya sebagai perempuan yang harusnya dipimpin oleh laki-laki..” Atau… “Perempuan yang biasa mandiri itu, biasanya disepelekan sama laki-laki. […]

via Independent Woman — So Which Blessings of Your Lord Will You Deny~?

Anies — a madeandi’s life

Semalam, saya duduk mematung di depan laptop. Saya membaca sesuatu yang tak bisa membuat saya berpaling. Di sebelah saya, Asti, isteri saya, juga duduk dan membaca sesuatu di layar HPnya. Sesaat sebelumnya kami bermain dengan Lita sebelum akhirnya dia harus tidur di kamarnya. Di malam yang tenang itu, kami berdua asyik sendiri menikmati bacaan masing-masing. […]

via Anies — a madeandi’s life

Cinta dalam Sebiji Mangga


a madeandi's life

Saat kuliah, saya kos di tempat seorang penulis novel dengan nama pena Nani Heroe. Kami memanggil beliau dengan nama Bu Heru. Tempat kos kami berupa sebuah rumah besar yang sudah tua umurnya. Di halaman ada beberapa batang pohon manga. Kerap mangga itu berbuah dan manis rasanya. Kami, anak-anak kos, turut menikmati buah mangga itu dengan penuh sukacita. Saya termasuk yang sering memanjat untuk memanen mangga yang sudah matang.

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Tentang Mimpi, Literasi, dan Dunia Anak

All grown-ups were once children.. But only few of them remember it… What essential is invisible to the eye. It is only with the heart one can see things rightly. (Antoine de Exupery)

Apapun yang terjadi, teruslah berlari mengejar mimpi. Seberat apapun langkahmu, jadikanlah Tuhan, satu yang kau tuju. Sekuat ombak di lautan. Sekeras karang di lautan. (Senandung Mimpi)

No worries, all is well. (Mama, whenever I fall)

I’m walking on a road of time, blown by a freezing breeze. Here, I’m searching for a ride of bliss. An eternity in life. (Me, 2010)

Sebenarnya saya baru saja membuka catatan coretan apapun tentang anak-anak. Pasalnya, saya sudah lama tidak menulis kisah flash fiction, cerpen, maupun cerita anak-anak. Padahal, ide membuka cerita inspiratif untuk anak-anak saya sendiri yang mengusulkan. Ternyata susah juga ya. Apalagi jika diri sendiri sedang krisis motivasi.

Sebenarnya banyak tulisan lampau yang sangat relevan tentang anak-anak. Dulu saya suka nulis cerpen, waktu SMP saya sempat mengumpulkan untuk Porseni. Judulnya apa ya, absurd, something with Langit Bintang tetap Bersinar apa gitu tentang gempa. Pas SMA pun saya masih suka nulis tentang anak-anak. Ya, Dusun Mimpi. Di luar tulisan itu adalah tulisan-tulisan random. Hiks. Jadi saya harus nulis apa ya untuk adik-adik? Baiklah saya akan mulai menulis.

Dear adik-adikku,
Masa kanak-kanak akan menjadi masa emas yang kau rindukan kelak di kemudian hari. Pastikan untuk belajar pada banyak hal. Ah terdengar klise. Jadi saya nulis apa ya buat mereka? Sejujurnya saya mau bilang, setiap orang dewasa akan bahagia melihat anak-anak karena mereka seperti melihat dirinya sendiri, seperti melihat binar-binar mimpi yang mungkin meredup bersinar kembali.

Ah sudah dululah. Menulis random. Literasi adalah apa yang membuat saya sampai di sini. Anak-anak adalah harapan, impian, dan masa depan. Oleh karenanya, setiap anak berhak untuk mendapatkan akses literasi. Dan, bahagia sekali bermimpi dan berkreasi bersama teman-teman Literacy Outreach Initiative (Love Project ID). Belajar dari adik-adik difabel yang begitu antusias belajar literasi. Putri yang bersuara emas, Aida yang suka mendongeng, Kuskus yang suka olahraga, Shofi yang kalem tapi saya tahu di dalam hatinya begitu kuat tekad, Pak Ahmad yang sungguh bertalenta dan berhati mulia, Bu Ambar bulik yang luar biasa tangguh.

Cuplikan cerita tentang mereka bisa dicek lini masa fanpage @LoveProjectID atau instagram @loveprojectid.

Oya, mari menulis untuk “Untaian Kata Inspirasi Anak Negeri” melalui link dan merekam audio untuk pembuatan audio book massal yang akan didistribusikan ke SLB Yayasan Kesejahteraan Tunanetra Islam (Yaketunis) dalam “Nge-Audio Yuk!” dengan mengisi link berikut

Terakhir, dalam post random ini, ada sebuah refleksi diri. Ketika saya menyaksikan mereka bermain peran dan bercerita tentang diri mereka, saya merasakan kesejukan dalam batin saya. Bagi saya, itu adalah soul remedy yang efektif. Tidakkah kita iri pada mereka, anak-anak yang terlahir atau kehilangan penglihatannya, kelak mereka akan terbebas dari siksa atas persaksian mata. Begitulah. Berinteraksi dengan mereka membuat saya belajar juga mereka sangat pandai membaca, membaca dengan mata hati. Bukankah kita yang punya mata sempurna (well, mata saya minus banyak sebenarnya), justru seringkali tidak memiliki mata hati?

Sekian, terima kasih, saya akan melanjutkan mencari inspirasi literasi. Bukankah setiap niat baik akan membuka jalan kebaikan? 🙂